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What is OneProvider?

Customer Panel & billing system

  • OneProvider's unique OnePanel™
  • Unified billing system
  • 7 node monitoring system

Enhanced Customer Support

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support
  • Server monitoring & Remote Reboot
  • Ticket system and LiveChat

Cisco ACE Load Balancer

CiscoThe Cisco ACE Load Balancing Module allows your enterprise to accomplish four primary IT objectives for application delivery:
  • Helps ensure business continuity by increasing application availability
  • Improves business productivity by accelerating application and server performance
  • Reduces data center power, space, and cooling needs through a virtualized architecture
  • Helps lower operational costs associated with application provisioning and scaling

Available, Scalable, and Energy Efficient Application Delivery

The Cisco ACE Module achieves these goals through a broad set of intelligent Layer 4 load-balancing and Layer 7 content-switching technologies integrated with leading-edge acceleration and security capabilities. A crucial design element of Cisco ACE, and a differentiator between the Cisco solution and other solutions in the marketplace, is its ability to use virtualized architecture and role-based administration capabilities that streamline and reduce the cost of operations involved in deploying, scaling, accelerating, and protecting applications.



  • Distribute traffic HTTP, FTP, DNS, SIP, RTSP, POP/IMAP, ...
  • Distribute SSL traffic
  • Define a "weight" for each of your servers or VMs
  • Configure the monitoring sensors
  • Manage the NAT / DNAT for your virtual rack
  • View statements and performance in SNMP

Choose a location

Operating Systems

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