OneCloud credits for students

OneCloud for students is here! We are launching a new program aiming at supporting students in their studies by providing them with an affordable VPS in any of our 30 locations. As an eligible student, you will receive $50 (USD) in credits that you can use to open the OneCloud plan of your choice in the location that you desire. To receive your credits, please sign up by filling in the form below to create your account. You will receive an answer within 1 business day following the registration.


Please note that this promotion is still a pilot project and is currently limited to students in Québec, Canada.

Formulaire d'inscription des étudiants

Account Creation
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*You must use your student e-mail address as your account e-mail address. **Take note that the currency you choose will be final. ***Please choose a file that proves that you are a student with your student ID, your name and your school name. Please make sure dates are clear to verify your status as a current student. This file will only be used to verify your academic status.