OnePanel™ is our exclusive customer control panel; a full management system to help you get the most of your entire fleet of servers. Easily ping, reboot, or manage servers, open support requests, order new services or renew existing ones, all in a few clicks. As you login, the Dashboard gives you quick access to every sub-section of the Panel, and is entirely configurable to fit your preferences!

A Complete Administration

That's not all! OnePanel™ gives you access to a complete administration panel on all servers from our most popular locations. Reboot, re-install (change OS, partition, RAID setup), assign your IP's and modify DNS records, all from the same panel. The server list view also lets you filter down by location, or export your server information in csv format. For further control, clicking on any server from your list takes you to that particular server's full specs and management options!

Full Ticket Support System

With the release of OnePanel™ 2.0, we went one step further in seamless integration. You now have access to a full history of your support and sales questions, including those opened by sub-users. Open, close, or modify tickets by department, review conversations in chat-like format, assign e-mail notifications, open support requests for specific services, etc.

User Management

Speaking of sub-users, OnePanel™ enables you to set precise permissions to your staff, such as billing, support, and server management. This is a very convenient feature that allows better task division, only providing access to specific sections to those who should have it. You can also set e-mail permissions for your sub-users, so that only the relevant information is sent to them!

Convenient Billing

As for billing, what administration Panel could be complete without an easy means to view, print, or pay your bills? OnePanel™ offers you fully itemized invoices, PDF downloads and credit management. A full history of your payments is kept, which you can filter by date or status.

OneCloud™ Manager

OneCloud™ is our very own KVM based virtualization infrastructure, designed with one goal: offering a homogeneous system in as many locations as possible. With this objective in mind, we are currently offering 30 different locations, on all continents, from major megalopolises like New York, to transoceanic cities like Auckland, all of them connected to 1Gbps ports and using blazing-fast SSD drives. 

OneCloud Creation

OneCloud Overview

OneCloud VM Resize