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OneCloud™ 2.0 is live!

Welcome to OneCloud 2.0! Our notorious VM system is back! Those who were familiar with the original version will find their favourite features back: multiple locations, lots of bandwidth, lots of storage, at super low costs. However, they are back with a twist: we have moved up to KVM based virtualization, and all plans come with state of the art SSD storage, plus 1Gbps port speed, with the same low costs! As for new comers, read on!

    • Plan 01

      $ 5 mo or  $ 54 year (-10%)
      • 1 Core
      • 512MB Memory
      • 20GB SSD
      • 1TB @ 1Gbps
      • 34+ Datacenters
    • Plan 03

      $ 20 mo or  $ 216 year (-10%)
      • 2 Cores
      • 2GB Memory
      • 40GB SSD
      • 3TB @ 1Gbps
      • 34+ Datacenters
    • Plan 05

      $ 80 mo or  $ 864 year (-10%)
      • 4 Cores
      • 8GB Memory
      • 80GB SSD
      • 5TB @ 1Gbps
      • 34+ Datacenters

Available locations

OneProvider prides and distinguishes itself in the hosting world by being the dedicated server provider offering the most locations to choose from. It stands to reason that we would keep the lead by offering the most locations on our VM infrastructure as well!

All OneCloud locations

Choose from our 32+ locations, from which you may switch around freely! The best part is, we are always working on bringing you more options to pick from. An additional 10 locations are currently confirmed and will be released shortly!

Available soon

SSD Storage in all locations

When we put a pause on OneCloud™ last year, we decided we would come back in full force - and we made no compromise. Every location, and all 10 plans will come with SSD storage. With up to 200x the performance of even the best SAS15K disks on the marked, OneCloud™ offers you unmatcheable speed to access your data! OneCloud Virtual Private Servers by OneProvider

Available applications for your Virtual Machine

OneCloud Virtual Private Servers by OneProvider Easily install popular software in just a click with our selection of one-click install applications. When creating your virtual machine, simply select your chosen application below and click on Install App!
Be advise that installation time may vary depending on the application.
These applications are not affiliated with OneProvider. This is a free service aiming at simplifying our customers’ experience.

Available operating systems for your Virtual Machine

Amongst the many control features, comes a super fast, super easy reinstall option. Choose from our many available Operating Systems. With just a few clicks, in just a few seconds, your VM is brand new! OneCloud Virtual Private Servers by OneProvider

A complete control panel

OneCloud Virtual Private Servers by OneProvider Existing customers will be familiar with OnePanel™ our exclusive management interface. For new comers, it is where the magic happens - manage your servers and locations, billing and support requests, monitoring and administrative tasks. With the return of OneCloud™ we now bring you the OneCloud Manager v2. Upgrade your plan or change locations on the fly, and run every possible remote operation in just a few clicks!

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