Mission     Vision     Values

OneProvider is a Canadian company which offers a complete range of online solutions as well as a consolidation service for your company or your personal needs. We specialize in dedicated, virtual and colocation hosting services in more than 145 locations worldwide.


Our Mission

OneProvider’s main mission for our customers is simplicity. It is the line which we strive to follow as we evolve over time.

  • Offer a homogenous service across the globe

  • Facilitate international hosting


Our Vision

Our vision defines the structure that will allow us to keep going forward and grow as a business.

  • A workplace where all employees can blossom

  • Offer the largest amount of locations where web hosting can be achieved

  • Grow a vast network of service providers with whom we can create a mutual beneficial business relationship


Our Values

  • Diversity

  • Passion

  • Happiness

  • Success

  • Collaboration