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One bill, one panel locationsExclusive OneCloud™ platform!

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North America

North America dedicated servers Intel Atom Dual D510
Starting at
45$/ month
Specials: USA New York - Canada Montreal

South America

South America dedicated servers AMD Athlon 64 X2 520
Starting at
59$/ month
Specials: Brazil Sao Paulo - Panama Panama City


Europe dedicated servers VIA Nano U2250 1.6Gh
Starting at
9€/ month
Specials: USA London - France Paris


Africa Dedicated Servers Intel Dual Core E550
Starting at
79$/ month
Specials: Egypt Egypt - South Africa Johannesburg


Asia dedicated servers Intel Atom D2550
Starting at
79$/ month
Specials: Indonesia Jakarta - Singapore Singapore


Oceania dedicated servers Intel Xeon Dual Core
Starting at
195$/ month
Specials: Australia Sydney - New Zealand Auckland

Discover the benefits of a worldwide hosting network

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, find out all our available locations

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Custom Server Solutions

If you require a complex solutions with multiple locations and different server specs, or specific configurations not found on our order forms, click here to build your own!

Get in touch

+ 1 (800) 380-5112

Head Office: +1 514 286-0253
Europe: +33 097 0467816

Operating Systems

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We offer servers in 114 locations!
Take a look at our current sales in the following locations!

Dedicated servers in Nottingham: Up to 50% Off!
Dedicated servers in Atlanta: Up to 43% Off!
Dedicated servers in Montreal: Up to 50% Off!
Dedicated servers in Columbus: Up to 15% Off!

Note that these offers can be combined with our quarterly (5%), bi-annual (7%) and annual(10%) rebates